What is field plug

Field plug is a USB charging solution that is compatible with all NATO ground tactical vehicles.  All vehicles are equipped with the 24V slave port that follow STANAG-4074. The Field Plug will allow you to keep any USB device; phone, e-cigarette, shaver, etc… charged in the field training.

What vehicles will the Field Plug work on?

Field Plug will work on all NATO tactical ground vehicles. Per STANAG 4074 all ground vehicles have a standard auxiliary power unit connections for starting land vehicles.  The NATO slave connector maybe located inside or outside of the vehicle. This was standardized in 1996.

Where did the idea come from?

During my time as a combat engineer (12B) in the National Guard I experienced first hand living out of a vehicle with the frustration of having a dead device and nowhere to charge it. As an electrical engineer on the civilian side I knew there was a better solution.

What to do if my plug becomes wet or submerged?

Do not plug it in until it is dry! The field plug is designed to be waterproof but water in the contacts can cause a short circuit.

How much current can the field plug safely provide?

Depends primarily on the temperature. The field plug was designed to outclass just about any commercially available vehicle phone charger on the market. It is capable of sourcing 3.5A but was designed around 3.1A continuous current. Use the field plug with confidence under any conditions as it will turn itself off if it overheats.